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Commercial Property Maintenance


Choose a commercial property maintenance Company in Ottawa


Ottawa has its property management at the embryonic stage, although various business models have sprung in a short span of time. People living in Ottawa are selective when it comes to commercial property maintenance. If you are one of them, let us get you out of that zone. While many property maintenance companies present same standards of maintenance service, the delivery has a considerable difference.

We are providing you a basic set of guidelines which will help you choose the right property management company in Ottawa for maintaining your property efficiently.

    • For customized assistance:-check with the account manager and see if they are accessible. Otherwise, you will be connected to a call center and your queries will never be fully answered
    • What concerns you more- safety & upkeep or money?-Check for tenant verification process provided by the company if maintenance and security are of primary importance. Also, know about the remedies of property damage by the tenant.
    • Safeguarding the deposit amount:-Ask for the percent of the amount collected as the deposit.
    • Control of payments and tenant selection:-Ask for the documents of the payment process and check with the owner.
    • Check for additional costs or surprise:-
      • Ensure all the charges and terms are included in the papers.
      • Read the document carefully and look for the grey areas.
      • Clarify everything in writing.
      • Choose best Excavation Company
  • Look for companies who are on the same page as you.
  • Check the services provided by them are as mentioned and check their policies. It is also essential to know the credibility of the company.

After doing all the research personally, look for online reviews. You can also inquire about the previous clients and demand to meet them.

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